4 Reasons Why Bretts Business Recovery Can Help You
(Regardless Of Your Current Situation)…

1) Your peace of mind

Being in financial difficulty is a life-changing event, the sleepless nights worrying about how and where you’ll find the money to pay your bills, and which ones to pay: the silent humiliation of being unable to talk to anyone about your money problems, with the negative effect this has on your health and family life: and the dread you feel when the post arrives, with more final demands for bills you can’t pay, and the special fear of those brown HMRC envelopes…

But ignoring these bills won’t make them go away, and makes things worse: not only can you lose your company and name, but possibly your home, other assets and everything you own. You also face claims on your overdrawn directors loan accounts, or from the liquidator for wrongful trading.

However, knowing your exact financial situation is half the battle, and when you work with us we’ll find you ways to extend your payment deadlines and work with your creditors and HMRC, to give you some all-important breathing space and the chance to get back on your feet.

2) You can clear up your financial problems, put your life back on track, and enjoy a fresh start

When you’re constantly fighting to put out financial fires, it can feel like you’re in a black hole with no chance of escape. But regardless of how bad your current situation may seem, there are plenty of strategies you can use to take care of your past problems, regain control of your cash flow and look towards the future with a sense of hope and excitement. Which is where we can help you…

3) You’ll find a sympathetic ear, empathetic advisors and people who genuinely like to help you

One thing we’re most definitely not is faceless bean-counters! We understand you’re going through a traumatic experience where you feel out of control, alone and afraid. The good news is that help is at hand. Your BBR advisors are experienced, non-judgmental and willing to do whatever it takes to provide you with the best, most effective solutions to your financial issues. Speaking of which…

4) You’ll get the right numbers to help you make the best choices for you and your business

To make sure your business finances are in order, we’ll work with you to obtain information and identify the key performance indicators in your business. Other advice may include of:

  • Good cash management, effective debt restructuring and credit control.
  • How to restructure payment terms (if possible).
  • Negotiated discounts for prompt payment.
  • Creating more favourable and realistic payment terms with your suppliers.

You’ll also benefit from us identifying funding options for you, and putting you in touch with the right people in the right places at the right time.

Depending on your circumstances, you can also work towards agreeing a formal proposal for a Company Voluntary Arrangement, allowing a structured repayment of debt.